Fear is Our Guard

Fear is the best guard of the cages we live in. But if we tell our fear: "I am leaving right now", the door springs open.

Beauty is Our Guide

Watch out for the flowers along your way. They provide guidance, happiness, and energy.

We Have the Power

We have the power to build the life of our dreams. As long as we follow the path of our soul, she will nurture, direct, and protect us.

I am Johannes


Most people would describe me as a father, pensioner, and small business owner. But that is only a tiny slice of my life.

Societies try to push us into cages. But I never allowed myself to be pushed. 

That gave me a life filled with joy, curiosity, and challenges. The fruits are  energy, confidence, knowledge, and wisdom.

I love Narcissus as well as Goldmund. They are two sides of my nature.



I grew up in southern Germany.  Twelve years old, I find my parents boldly lying to the public.

That experience lets me say to myself: "I will not follow in the footsteps of my father. I am going to live as a truth speaker"

As you can imagine, life as a truth speaker is not always easy.

First of all, truth is elusive. If you think you discovered the truth, you will just find the next layer hiding behind your discovery.

And secondly, the truth is not the coolest kid on the block. Therefore, life as a truth speaker demands the will and stamina to stand alone.

But the rewards are big. I learned to observe carefully, evaluate with diligence, organize, and communicate the results with clarity - and at times to admit an error.

My Mission


My mission to help people climbing on top of the glass ceiling, that has so long cut them off from the life they desire and deserve.

Our belief that we cannot overcome a barrier is most often the reason holding us back. It is fair to say, that our inner beliefs are the barrier, not the ouside world.

Therefore, climbing on top of that glass ceiling means getting a clear understanding of our own life, our aspiratons, our private reason to be on this earth.

That clarity helps to get a clear picture of the world around us - people, things, and energy.

Clarity about ourselves and the world around us  guides us out of our cage and, if we choose so, on top of the cage's  glass ceiling.



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